WINSTON-SALEM- After weeks of hard work and dedication in training camp, the Philadelphia Yellow Jackets were finally rewarded with a win. The Yellow Jackets defeated the Winston Wildcats 55-9 in the team's first ever regular season game. The blowout puts the Yellow Jackets at 1-0 on the season.


The Yellow Jackets dominated all night on the defensive side of the ball, and started the game with two safeties. Leading four nothing, quarterback Warren Smith hit Lynell Suggs on a slant for the first touchdown of the regular season. This was the first of five touchdown passes for Smith.


Another star player for PYJ was Tony Green, who was awarded player of the game. Green had four touchdowns, and even contributed on a special teams tackle.


“We played pretty decent.” Green said. “We had some skits but we pulled through.”


PYJ will take on the Central Penn Capitals next Sunday in Harrisburg.


Written by Harrison Brown